And Baby Makes Three

In the end it is the child that matters

Mommy Daddy and Paul

No words mean more

Than these simple three

They strike me to the core

Him, and you and me

They used to tell of all

That mattered in my life

Not big or fat or tall

Now cut me like a knife

Everywhere we went

Repeat them all the day

As if that they were sent

Upon a sunbeam ray

Shout out the love lost bond

Of our tiny family

Never needing to respond

This once eternity

The Window

Through the window

I watch you both on the wet grass

Legs tan and strong

taste of my addiction

our beautiful boy

tears dripping with the rain

a last glance

of the magic that was

filling the air

now already gone

as if the man in the window

never existed.

Perfect Harry Dances

With his glasses cap and gown

Prancing all around the town

Our perfect Harry dances

We made him you and I

The Ecstasy of our lives

Our perfect Harry dances

His grace comes from high above

A gift descended from the dove

Our perfect Harry Dances

We laugh at each remark

An angel in the dark

Our perfect Harry dances

His life a spinning top

No force on earth can stop

Our perfect Harry dances

Let our love combine once more

Prepare him for what’s in store

Our perfect Harry dances

Our Boy

So like a mirror he is

Like the fragile glass

That I once was

The promise lost

The wish unanswered

Shelter him Lord

From the broken mirror

Stave the bitter tear

Shield him from the memory

Of losing more

Than just of flesh and bone

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