Not a savior

Truth is seduced by the winds of desire


I walked this path

So long ago

That now my lover treads

Where all that mattered

Was search for youth

And confirmation in more beds

The memory still stings

And the karma still burns

From this error of my past life

And now I watch most helplessly

As the lie consumes my wife

I want to save her from the pain

That comes from such a choice

For it is never worth the gain

What comes from such a voice

No Knights

You are no damsel in distress

As you strut and stomp in your sexy dress

No Fear of dark or end of days

Life preferred in a purple haze

A knight in armor a curse indeed

As he fends and fights the devils seed

Beneath the metal his eyes blood red

Full of eternities potential dread

He battles for you against your will

For you mean more than any thrill

No greater love has yet endured

A win that can never be secured

He prays beneath the weight of tin

For the you that hides within

He’d give up all to see a way

For you and heaven to meet one day

For you and heaven to meet one day

My dark desire

Lord strip away the dark desire

That places me in first

Replace it with your kind inspire

And take away this thirst

Now fill my heart with selfless love

The kind my soul longs for

Send it from the holy dove

So that her heart can not ignore

This pure request now observed

My lover will know the truth

It is her heart I wish to serve

And give it rest beneath my roof

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