One sided love affair

we create the dungeon for our own heart and then we blame the jailer


There is no exception for truth

There is no hope in a lie

The purity of truths pain

Empties the heart of darkness

As we live

So shall we end

Regrets or peace

Actions or words

Love demands truth

Truth commands love

Throw away the books

Toss aside the fear

In our hearts we are sanctified

Live only truth

Speak only truth

And rise above

The sheep at your feet

I will cross an ocean

Other men will howl at your moon

Claw at your sheets

And make you swoon

But I will cross an ocean for you

Other boys will fall at your feet

Lick your shoes

And turn up the heat

But I will cross an ocean for you

Other players will tell you lies

Stroke your needs

And drink you dry

But I will cross an ocean for you

This real love

Is not on the take

its burning for you upon a stake

And I will cross an ocean for you

The closet

The door opens

And the faint scent of you

is there to meet me

I see your face

Your hair

Your smile

The room shimmers as if you are there

More faint this time

I shut them in

And try to save

The last of you

My senses beg your return

But you are lost

I kneel at the crack

Alone on the floor

Catching in my tears

Only what I need

The Kiss not for me

More than before

Longer with intent

Like we once were

Almost close

It Lingered the day

While I thought of you

In his arms

A chance for me

Hope still beating

Now fading

I try to taste

your smile

But alas

it’s gone


Made not born

taking form

In the black recesses

Of the mind

Not of the divine

The spawn of the enemy

It traps the lover

In an unholy embrace

Waking first

Each morning

Returning uninvited

Encore of the damned

Ignoring all demands

For it’s departure

The devils stepchild

Sucking love from the air

Leaving only grief



At my feet

Selfish desire

Images unfiltered

The unholy union

Of victim and torturer


Inside each other

At His feet

Now I must learn to let you go

Expecting nothing in return

It’s all about if I can show

For your touch I no longer yearn

This is the love I want so dear

The one where I just give

No matter the end there is no fear

And nothing to forgive

I must pray my way and change my heart

The one that sometimes takes

So even when we are apart

I love for just your sake

What controls my selfish needs

Must feel the fires heat

Until its teeth no longer feed

I’ll place it upon His feet