Friday night, on a terrace in France.

For the waitress I have a crush on:


Do not think that I am a threat

My heart and aim are true

I’m just not like a table set

I’m more like love renewed.


I could never play it cool

My gift was never that

Instead I break most every rule

With a rabbit and a hat


I think your eyes caught me first

So big and bright were they

They changed the mood and quenched my thirst

And begged my soul to stay


You made me laugh

when I wanted to cry

Your gift was so just right

I’m sorry you have to wonder why

I refuse to leave tonight


Trying to look calm to no avail

The space is to crazy for that

So I grab more bread from out of the pail

And hope you’ll swing by for a chat


I love the way that you dress

So different from the sheep

It’s simple and chic but up to the test

And it makes my knees go weak


I know how to frighten most anyone

It’s easy for me to be sure

I’m staring and silent and the only one

Who’s been watching you cover the floor:

1. For my X

I watched the women come and go

I could not help but compare

But no one could touch your special glow

And remove me from my despair


In the shadow of the cathedral

The sinners gathered in force

I the worst among them

And feeling the heat of remorse

So I sit alone upon the stones

Lost in a quiet refrain

Wishing with every one of my bones

For an end to all of this pain


I could go for a walk and check out the scene

But for me that’s quite old hat

I’d rather do something that’s not as obscene

And tell all these people take that