Sure it’s Funny

when we no longer laugh we die

Legs like yours

I’ll never find a girl

With legs like yours

And I hope I never do

For they are perfect in my eyes

And the memory that is you

Really Jesus?

I signed up for this Jesus thing

And now I wonder why

While she can have her passion fling

I stay at home and cry

Even if I meet the girl

Who gives my heart a burst

I’ll be stuck up on this tilt-o-whirl

Turning off my thirst

Being good is such a pain

Why did He take my oath

Now my erection stands in vain

Not useful for us both

You talk to much

So much said

It’s like a curse

So much to be endured

It is silence that I crave

But you disburse

More talk of the absurd

Some women may like

A tongue on fire

Not me it burns me so

Can’t you stop to build the pyre

And let my senses go

I will miss of you

All the things that drove me mad

I will miss of you

The tea bags in the empty cup

The cookie papers looking up

I will miss of you

The unmade bed

The crusts of bread

I will miss of you

The purses flung across the floor

With shoes a scatter door to door

I will miss of you

All that once did drive me mad

For them all back I would be glad

I will miss of you