A Love Lost

Love’s walk is beautiful until you drown

Poetry will never bring her back

No poem will change a woman’s heart

It’s impossible but true

For once they want to be apart

There is nothing you can do

But do not weep and do not cry

For there will come a time

When all the answers and reasons why

Will come drifting down the line

Then you’ll understand the hurt

The lesson you needed most

And all the help that came to you

From Father, Son and Holy Ghost


I created the bricks

You used

To build the wall

That separates our love

Oh that I could crush

The hands that made them

And eat the hurt

I caused you

Oh that I could raze

That which we created

Instead I face my lover

And see only bricks

Now I work

To change my sins

So God

Can take down

What stands between us


Much is made

Of this promise

For the body and the senses

Long for experience

As we make the oath

Flesh cries out its anguish

And the mind conspires

The first betrayal

For the promise

Is not of mind

Or Flesh

It is from



A place

Where God still dwells

A place

Where spirit reigns

And the world


We transcend the flesh

We control the senses

We dwell for a time

In a Holy place

Until the day

Flesh and Mind

Reclaim us

And God

Can be no more